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How to Access Data?

You can search and browse datasets available in the repository. Click at “Microdata Catalog”, to find a listing of all datasets available in the repository. You can search for a specific dataset or datasets on a given topic from the study description or from variable description through search boxes available on this page. You can also filter your search by year, type of data access, country and collection. Click at the desired dataset to find its complete descriptions along with related resources such as survey questionnaire, support guides, instructions to data collectors, etc. Datasets are organized under four tabs, i.e. i) Documentation; ii) Study Description; iii) Data Description; and iv) Get Microdata. Please note that you would be asked to register with ICSSR Data Service before downloading the datasets or analyze it online wherever possible. There are no charges for registering with ICSSR Data Service. Detailed manual on How to Access and Search Datasets in the ICSSR Data Service is available here.

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